Welcome to Houston.

This is a Vampire: The Masquerade Campaign based around the 20th anniversary rules with a modified cannon. The Sabbat have fallen, the Anarchs are few and far between, the end times never materialized, and the Camarilla prospers much as Rome did in Ancient Times. The setting is open world with a strong emphasis on teamwork and character development.

The year is 2013 and Houston has prospered under the leadership of Prince Strong. Since the founding of the city he has looked upon the city and its inhabitants as he would a proud father. He, along with his wife Lady Grey, have taken this city from a small outpost to a major force in the world. All is not as perfect as they would have kindred believe. Factions have formed that would like to see the city taken in a new direction, as well as strike a blow to the Strong family. A treaty with the Lupines that surround the city has held for many decades now, but new lupines have come that ignore the treaty and hunt within the city. The Anarchs, while always few in number, seem to have found a rallying point and have resumed their attempts to undermine the current power structure. Can the Kindred of the city protect the city from these new threats? Will they support the status quo or will the see the city’s leadership overturned?

Houston By Night

Houston at night sunnycorax Phish