Lady Grey

Wife of the Prince of Houston


If Lady Grey has gone by another name, there are none alive willing to tell it. Born during Rome’s Republic era to a wealthy merchant family, she grew up with everything she could want. She discovered early on a talent for singing that rivaled any known in Rome. People would travel from all across the known world to hear her voice. This remarkable talent came to the attention of the Toreador clan and she was embraced although at a typically older age than most. She stayed in Rome until its unfortunate demise, then made her way west for a time. After a few centuries in the courts of Byzantium, she became enamored with the stories of Britain and set off. It was there that she met the cainite that would become Peter Strong. Against all odds, they fell in love and were married in 1312 AD. They made a life for themselves in Britain and helped the country grow into a powerful nation. She was kidnapped by Anarchs during the revolt but Strong and her allies joined together to rescue her. When they found her, her mind had been broken. To this day, she has long period where she will not respond and just stares out into space. After the New World was discovered, Strong decided it would be best to leave the intrigues of Europe behind and so he and Lady Grey settled in what would eventually become Texas. They have lived here ever since, and see the city as their child.

On days when she is lucid, Lady Grey is always the most beautiful object in the room. Typically wearing gowns of silver to compliment her hair and eyes. Her long silver hair is typically worn down, except on formal occasions when it is intricately braided. Her pale skins glows with an otherworldly light but is remarkably warm to the touch. When in her fugue state, though she is still very beautiful, her skin becomes cold and loses its glow. Her hair is worn down, but its sheen is gone.

Lady Grey

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