Houston By Night

Welcome to...Houston by Night!

Introduction to the city

Houston has fallen into rioting as the city is rocked by scandals concerning the police. The Prince has remained unusually quiet considering is usual hands on approach to maintaining peace within his city. The night opens on the third day of rioting as the Primogen Council calls for all Kindred to come to Elysium to discuss the situation.

Each character accompanies their Primogen to court, passing various scenes of destruction and heartbreak. Laid out across the city are memorials to the family that has been slain as well as threats to the police. The closer to downtown you get, the more frantic it seems the crowds become. At the edge of downtown, the police have created a cordon, and it requires the Primogen to exercise some political weight to get inside. Once passed the police blockade, the cars converge on Elysium.

Inside the court everyone is tense as they notice the Prince is no where to be found. The Primogen take their positions but quickly move closer to each other and begin to discuss things. Eventually, Delacroix asks Stanis, the Seneschal, where the Prince has been during this crisis. After some back and forth between the Seneschal and the Council, Stanis reveals that the Prince has fallen ill and has not awoken since the crisis began. The court erupts as all the assembled Kindred begin to shout. Stanis manages to bring the assembly back into order and begins to issue reassurances when explosions begin to rock the Convention Center.

As the assembled Kindred try to take stock of the situation, the Scourge announces the Prince is under attack. He looks to the players and orders them to protect Lady Grey as he disappears into shadow. Stanis orders deputy Cale to assist the party with protecting Lady Grey and then issues orders to the Primogen Council to do what they can to try to disperse the growing mob. Daniel, Matt, Sean, and Joey’s characters head out to survey the scene and discover that the mob has reached the convention center and seems intent on destruction. They quickly jump into action as Daniel lures a large part of the mob away from the Center. Meanwhile, Alicia, Chris, and Lisa manage to get Lady Grey safely to the basement.

Outside, as the large portion of the mob moves away from the Convention Center, the players notice a small entourage determinedly heading for it with a very intimidating man in the lead. The follow him into the building and attempt to stop him both with weapons and disciplines, but he manages to shrug off both as he sends goons to slow the players down.



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